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Tube bending is a manufacturing process that involves the manipulation of tube or pipe into a specific shape or configuration. The process is commonly used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, construction, and plumbing. Tube bending is a crucial process that enables the creation of customized shapes and configurations of tubes and pipes that are used in a wide range of applications.

The tube bending process can be accomplished using various methods such as mandrel bending, compression bending, and roll bending. Mandrel bending is a method that involves inserting a mandrel into the tube during the bending process to prevent wrinkles or collapse of the tube. Compression bending, on the other hand, involves bending the tube around a form using pressure, while roll bending uses rollers to gradually bend the tube into the desired shape.

Our Tube Bending Capabilities

of ANK’s tube bending capabilities:

  • Roll Tube Bending
  • Rotary Draw Tube Bending
  • Mandrel Tube Bending
  • Compression Bending
  • Tube and Pipe Diameter (1/4″od to 2″od)
  • Wall Thickness (up to 1/2″)
  • Square Tube and Pipe Side Length (1/4″sq to 2″sq)
  • Oval, Rectangular, Extrusions, and Up to 1.5″ Solid Bars
  • 9. Max Straight Length (no limit)
  • 10. Max Bending Degrees (up to 190 degrees)
  • If you have any specific size requirements, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in determining whether your requirements can be met.

Our Tube Bending Material

1. Aluminum 6061: Round Tube, Rectangular Tube, Square Tube,Aluminum 6063: Round Tube, Rectangular Tube, Square Tube. Aluminum 2024: Round Tube. Aluminum 6101: Pipe

2. Alloy Steel 4130: Round Tube .Cold Roll Steel A513: Round Tube.Mild Steel A500: Pipe, Rectangular Tube, Square Tube.Mild Steel A513: Rectangular Tube, Square Tube

3. Stainless Steel 304: Round Tube, Rectangular Tube, Square Tube . Stainless Steel 316: Round Tube, Rectangular Tube, Square Tube

11. General Purpose Brass Tubing**: Round Tube .Brass 230: Round Tube .Brass 272: Round Tube, Rectangular Tube . Brass 385: Round Tube, Rectangular Tube

Note: The specific types of round tubes, pipes, rectangular tubes, and square tubes that can be bent with General Purpose Brass Tubing are not specified.

Tube Surface Finishing Options

Aluminum partsStainless Steel partsSteel partsBrass parts
Clear AnodizedPolishingZinc platingNickel plating
Color AnodizedPassivatingOxide blackchrome plating
Sandblast AnodizedSandblastingNickel platingElectrophoresis black
Chemical FilmLaser engravingChrome platingOxide black
BrushingElectrophoresis blackCarburizedPowder-coated
PolishingOxide blackHeat treatment
ChromingPowder Coated